Spirit Dancers


Travellers know a freedom unknown to others.

They become impervious to chaos;

Underneath there is a knowing

All is possible when following one’s heart.

Sometimes they are required to turn on a dime,

Accepting others’ customs, culture and foods

In a continual smorgasbord of life.

Travellers are open, living by the grapevine.

Knowledge is constantly updated and invaluable.

There is a common language, no matter different tongues.

All are guided by trust and an adventurous spirit.

Some love cities, shops and entertainment;

Others love Ashrams, monasteries and temples.

Still others seek the inner wisdom and peace

Of lakes, mountains, forests, rivers and the sea.

The price is disconnection from family and friends,

Careers, financial stability and ancestral community.

Like the prodigal son, there is a time to return

To the warmth and caring of home fires;

To safety and security that comes with roots

Renewed and revitalized with well nurtured wanderlust.


Anne de Nada