What magic could you discover if you could tap into your inner self and create freely?

Meet Anne de Nada

A traveller, searcher of truth

Lover of nature, beauty, humanity

Mother, Grandmother

Creative, painter, writer and poet.


Mediums are Sound, Colour, Movement

Spiritual, dancer, athletic

Climbing high towards Eagles

Diving deep towards Mother Earth’s core.


Exploring the macro and the micro

Discovering Heaven is here on Earth. 

Ways to connect with your inner creative!

Artist Statement

I have been a searcher, a traveller and a doer     

Looking for my pieces, facets, seeking to fit in

Lost fumbling and stumbling, time to let go

Surrender control, fly with the wind

Soaring and spiralling way above the tree tops.

Expansive and free, wild and loving, my truth.

Energetically travelling deep within Mother Earth

Anchoring my light force

Painting golden rainbow colours

Creating a bridge between the two worlds.

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