About Anne

Anne de Nada explores the Symbolic Language of the Spirit World


Having travelled and painted in many countries, her paintings reflect the spiritual world of exotic locations and unique cultures. Anne appreciates and utilizes the vibrational world of sound, colour and places in her art as well as sacred symbols and shapes. Her current works explore a broad spectrum of her inner landscape.

Artistic Background Includes:                          

  • Studying with international teachers
  • Exhibiting in Canada, USA and International
  • Writing poetry related to her art


Anne has been moving into more abstract work recently. Philosophically, abstract art is generally neutral. By avoiding subject matter, abstraction may engage the sensibilities on a more sublime level. Elements such as colour, pattern and texture become the subject, and while abstract art may “suggest” something – by not coming out directly and saying it – the extremes of positive and negative are avoided. It is the middle ground.