Creators are tasters of the divine

Artists are makers of heavenly spaces & spices

All are accompanied by angels of devotion

Inspired by earthly sights, sounds, smells & feelings

Twirling, whirling, flinging, flashing

Music, paints, words, arms & legs all about.

Traveling their worlds in search of teachers & beauty

Staying close to home for subtleties, sensitivity, & nourishments

Some searching high with the eagles

Others diving deep with the pelicans

Or gliding, sliding, slithering across Mother Earth’s breast

Sensitive and passionate ones enter Mother Earth’s soul.

Gathering together for a common love

Artists sharing, exchanging, challenging each other

Learning our physical reality is 10%

90% takes place in our energetic, etheric & soul bodies

We are the blessed ones.

Journeying and joining the cycle of life

From light to darkness and back to light

As artists express their passions

They become angels of God.


Anne de Nada