Creators are tasters of the divine

Artists are makers of heavenly spaces & spices

All are accompanied by angels of devotion

Inspired by earthly sights, sounds, smells & feelings

Twirling, whirling, flinging, flashing

Music, paints, words, arms & legs all about.

Traveling their worlds in search of teachers & beauty

Staying close to home for subtleties, sensitivity, & nourishments

Some searching high with the eagles

Others diving deep with the pelicans

Or gliding, sliding, slithering across Mother Earth’s breast

Sensitive and passionate ones enter Mother Earth’s soul.

Gathering together for a common love

Artists sharing, exchanging, challenging each other

Learning our physical reality is 10%

90% takes place in our energetic, etheric & soul bodies

We are the blessed ones.

Journeying and joining the cycle of life

From light to darkness and back to light

As artists express their passions

They become angels of God.


Anne de Nada




I like to drum to the beat of my heart
Create my own rhythm, pulse and swing
Oh take me anywhere you dream
To the magical world of pixies, nymphs and elves.

Lay your sound across Mother Earth's breast
Sit with her rumbles and fumbles and tumbling rocks.
Feel Northern Lights streaking across her night sky
Pinks, blues, purples and whites
Glorifying freedom, magic, mystery and creations.

As witness to Mother Earth's beauty
Her never unending unconditional love
Her total acceptance, nurturing and power.
We are here observing her qualities
To mirror them back to one another.

Walk in time and unison with your beating heart
Open your ears and heart to Earth's sprung heat.
Enjoy revolving Father Sun's rays and heat
Combining to create, a wonderful place to meet.


Anne de Nada


The Spirit Dancers

This writing tells the journey of healing along the road to wholeness. I am a survivor of childhood trauma, independent, searcher, self-healer, Mother, Grandmother, and now, widowed.

Throughout my life, I have been blessed and am presently living in abundance close to Nature.  I have been extremely fortunate to have connected with so many wonderful people who have given me great assistance. There have been obsessions, including my belief I needed to heal myself. 

I am grateful for this journey because it has brought me many gifts, the ability to be a Shamanic body healer, an adventurer, who lived in a treehouse in Jamaica for a month, lived through an earthquake in Nepal, traveled around Australia, taught English in Vietnam for 6 months and presently living on an island off the grid in Fiji.

Freeing Yourself

Some choose to have fun, express creativity, and the joy of being an adventurer. If in a small way, the aspect of expansion can introduce you to seeing your own areas of creativity, then that is truly blissful. It might be cooking, sewing, craft making, business, sports, music, animals, etc. In other words, the act of helping another and demonstrating your unique talents can be quite liberating.

Life is a gift. In my world, I chose to arrive and learn from our Earthly lessons. We are blessed to be given the caregivers we have. Although your human self is reluctant to acknowledge your traumas (whether mild, medium or major) as challenges, you reveal your gifts.

In other words, you can become free internally and externally by freeing yourself through being adventurous. You can achieve release of the basics of flight, flight, and freeze responses. If you are lucky, you will learn the gift of manifestation and can choose from your heartfelt passions to reside in the empty spaces that have been cleared, cleansed, and purified.

The Spirit of Sound, Colour, and Movement

Your spirit can be awoken by sound, colour, and movement. It’s not only a creative outlet but true soul food. In my case, I was lucky to be blessed with all three in my life. 

While I have no musical talent, my chosen name in Hindi means “beyond sound”.  I was fortunate to have a player piano, a beautiful 4ft Celtic harp for meditation, an Indigenous Canadian healing drum, and a drum from India. In addition, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, and tuning forks found their way into my life. I use the vibration of sound in my healing practice wherever possible.

Movement came naturally to me as I spent seven years studying ballet and loved to dance especially ballroom dancing. I also loved to play tennis, hike, skate, downhill skiing, biking, and hiking. And In my teens, I trained as a swimmer. A different aspect of movement is my love of travel and I have been a world traveler most of my life.

Colour, in my world, feeds the soul. I have come to feel colour on my dinner plate is very important.  At the same time, I love to paint. This introduced me to the fact I enjoy creating in various areas, especially gardening.

Starting Your Adventure With A Healer

My deepest love is being connected to my soul and opening (expanding) my life through its guidance.  I love to do energy channeling work for the benefit of others. In addition, to assist others to reconnect to their inner child and see the world as beautiful, yet simple and divine.

It is through the power of your spirit that you can enter the world of oneness, magic, mystery, and symbology. There truly is a Heaven here on Earth. For help with your adventure toward oneness, contact me to learn more about how energy healing can help you get there.

Anne de Nada


Angel Wings

Given freely at birth

    Lost to pain, fear and fright

      Part of our higher guiding system

         Disconnected, we flounder and are flightless

      My heart yearns to be free

         Always dreaming of dancing and flying

          Crying inside, longing for connection

      To sing with my angel pod

          Like the prodigal son, returned

            It is time to find my way home

          Through gentleness, softness and flexibility

            Opening the doors, breathing deep

             Letting go, filling my cavern with sounds

            Of toning, overtones, music and expansion

               Soaring, diving, tumbling and fumbling

           New found wings, freeing hearts

       Listening to voices, explore, travel and caress

As breath flower into, infinite eternity.


Anne de Nada



Songs can be sweet, sad or mad

Carrying sounds of a lark or gongs

While listeners sing along

Resonating low, medium or high notes.

Uniting all humanity in songs

Musical instruments accompany

The musical beat of song makers

Singing is man's highest vibration.

Joining all hearts as one

Uplifting humanity with love

Especially in Estonia's

Song Festival in July.


Anne de Nada


What is Sound Healing and How Does it Work?

You’ve probably noticed a change in your mood when you’re listening to a certain genre of music. When you listen to calm, quiet music, you feel relaxed. When you listen to upbeat dance music, you feel lighter, wanting to have fun!

Listening to music is only one form of sound therapy that is known to the world. Sound healing may seem like a New Age wellness method, but it’s actually been around for thousands of years through human voice and ancient instruments. Keep reading to learn all about sound healing and what it can do for you.  

Different Sound Healing Methods

There are many paths to take when it comes to healing. But, one of the most effective of the ancient methods is sound. It has multiple benefits for your entire self: body, soul, and mind. Psychologists say that even listening to birds can boost your mood!

We’ve already talked about listening to music, but the traditional methods don’t exactly look the same as modern music, or even classical music. These sounds use vibration as well to better tap into your inner self.

  • Chimes
  • Drums
  • Singing bowls
  • Tuning forks, and of course, vocalizations.

For thousands of years, Healers like myself have used sound therapy to clear energy, remove blockages, and most importantly, to heal others. This kind of healing is an intense type of meditation that requires you to surrender yourself to the vibrations and sounds around you.

What Is Sound Healing?

Sound healing, also called sound therapy uses vibrational frequencies to repair damaged tissue or cells within the body. Ancient masters have used sound healing for centuries because all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies.

When you are imbalanced, you are vibrating at a lower frequency.  Sounds at a higher level can heal because it deeply touches and transforms you.  It does this on an emotional and spiritual level. Sound can redress the imbalances.

Benefits of Sound Healing

Sound healing is a great stress reliever and meditation method. Not only does it relax you, but it helps your whole well-being in general, whether that’s spiritually, physically, and emotionally or mentally. You will be left feeling completely relaxed and replenished in your mind, body, and soul.

Here are some of the benefits sounds healing can give you:

  • Clears energy blockages from the body.
  • Relieves stress through relaxation.
  • Relieving body pains like muscle and joint aches.
  • Provides relief from mood swings.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Lowers blood pressure.

Different Types of Sound Healing

There are several methods of sound therapy. One is via using musical instruments such as a harp, Tibetan, or crystal bowls, healing drums, rattles, or chimes. Another very powerful method is the human voice.

Vibrational healing bypasses the brain to remove interference. For example, the work I enjoy is placing the bowls on a person’s body and ringing the bowls so they can become familiar with the feelings of vibration i.e., energy movement. 

Those who are ready to be tuned up will relax and receive peace of mind where energy healing can take place. Those who are not ready will remove themselves from the sound and will try to block it out, instead of surrendering and letting the healing take place.

What Does a Sound Healing Session Look and Sound Like?

A sound healing session is called a sound bath. This is a relaxation technique whereby a participant is “bathed “in sound waves produced by several human voices as well as musical instruments. 

The human voice, when used for specific healing, can be focused on the pained area of the body and the healer (via toning directs) voice sounds into the imbalanced area with intent. 

This isn’t a one-and-done type of method. Energy clearing is effective; however, you will need to maintain it. It’s no different than having your home cleaned. The healer cleans out all of the “trash” in your body’s energy, but it is up to you to keep that going.

Contact Me For To Start Your Sound Healing Journey

As an Energy Healer, sound healing has become one of my favourite healing methods. It has helped me in my own journey, and I know it can help you too. Through the sounds and vibrations given in a sound bath, you will be able to think more clearly, feel things deeper, and to heal completely.

Healing is within your reach. Contact Me for More Information on what a sound bath can do for you. I’m excited to help you start your healing journey.

Anne de Nada


   Piano Playing

       Bring it out, sound it out

         Free it up, from inside out

       Let it flow, let it glow

       As I discover me

        Up and down, high and low

          Fast and slow, gliding and sliding

       Fingers and thumbs

      All along the black and white

           I love the sound in my ears

         As I grow older in years

            When the body freely moves

               With my fingers finding the way

              Freedom, expression and letting go

             Are the keys to unlocking my heart

               There are no right or wrong notes

              Only whole notes

             They all want to be heard

      Sometimes alone, sometimes with neighbours

        Sometimes in play or jest, others in rhythm

        All waiting their turn to say

            Listen to my beauty, whether soft or loud

Enjoy the arising of SURPRISE.


Anne de Nada


Heart Talk

My heart pounds out in rhythm

Sending waves of energy

Up and down the spine and openings

Sometimes in rings of tightness

Hoping the message can be heard.

Slow down, sleep and rest

While I repair your damage

Let yourself feel

Your gentleness and move with ease

Allowing your heart to come alive

No more rushing, hustle or bustle.

Trust in gravity for support

Enjoy Mother Nature’s abundance

One’s desires connected to heart

Will always bear fruit.

Give yourself all the rest you need

Being you is all there is

Or need be

Being you is all there could be.


Anne de Nada



To listen is to be the stillness.

Essence of one's being-ness.

To hear the call of one's heart.

To feel the warmth of the hearth.

True freedom, joy and bliss,

Come from surrendering to the mist,

Of chaos, flux and self-sabotage,

So harmony, consistency can be the rage.

Where love, light and expansion,

Will peacefully bring one's attention,

To deeper inner intentions,

For conversion, nurturing and growth.

All for the evolution of humanity.


Anne de Nada



Where, what and how does one possess harmony?

Is it not a quality created from within safety?

Where one feels no harm can come their way-

Huge protective arms keeping danger at bay.

This space and place are filled with gentle crisp air,

Like the soft cool breeze of the Himalayan night.

Sitting on top of the world, watching the crows soar below,

One senses openness, spaciousness and wisdom

The true domain of the human heart

Some spirits can cruise up and down,

Others less trusting cling to earthly attachments

Not knowing it is only half of the equation.

The other half is one’s heart, intending no harm.

Learning to make hay while the sun shines

Is knowing that the sun’s rays

Are all the energy and light we need

In order to create and manifest

Money and energy through harmony.


Anne de Nada