Full of heart is Mother earth

Offering her love to all

Nourishment, shelter & protection

Live by her universal truths

Treat others as

You would do unto yourself

Abundance is for the asking

Earth is the ultimate creator

Her soils, skies, waters and Mountains

All teeming with millions,

Trillions of organisms

Ever changing cloud forms

Flowing, streaming, streaking,

Billowing across her horizons

She exhibits the gentlest of creatures,

Plants and wind to massage all her beings

When matter falls from the sky

She accepts and embraces another Mountain

When her tummy rumbles

We all hear her call

We see her molten lava flows

Endowing in time a civilization

Her gravity supports us all

Her day and night turns sets our clocks

Her rhythmical seasons caress us

We rake her hair with autumn leaves

We swim in seas on summer days

We glide and slide and ski in winter

Splash and jump puddles in spring

She never abandons us

Though we might her

Her love is constant

She never criticizes or judges

Like the Grand Canyon

Her patience is breathtaking

Her wisdom arises after the calm

Of thunder and lightning storms

All there ever is, is love

Love is to evolve and let's evolve

On revolving, evolving Mother Earth.


Anne de Nada