A Different Reality

Within my body, aware of my  feelings,

Reaching up for Spirit, on a boat to Elephanta Caves

Light, shinning, glimmering on top of the water

Not far from the gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Hotel.

Oh how wonderful to be a bird caressing the sea carpet.

Flying through the skyscape with my Spirit

Enjoying Spirits power and freedom

Acknowledging the magnificence of the heavens

My heart cries out with the joy of expansion.

All my cells are one

Floating, gloating and moving through, space, peace and calm

Does life get any better?

I feel not, I think not.

Never before has my heart and soul rested

On Earth, while feeling the heavens,

Where sky and sea touch

Spirit gliding and sliding into that space

Of rhythm, pulsation and vibration.

I am one

I am nothing

But truly free

To love, feel, sing

Like a bird on its wing.

May I always live

Aligned with this place of union

Meeting, connecting and

Loving, all things as one.

The Gateway to India

Marked my passage,

Whereby I connected to Soul

Uniting Heaven and Earth momentarily.

Every cell, nadir, tissue and bone

Is my temporary home for this heavenly Spirit

And all those gone before me

To experience the magnificence of life’s gifts.

Life is what we create

We create what we feel

Moving towards love or fear

As we glide, and vibrate

Through our physical creations.

On this boat feeling safe, secure and knowing

The world is to be explored

Feeling my roots deep within

Penetrating, moving, falling, rising anywhere

Life’s eddies take me.

Knowing few have journeyed here

Committing to express this truth

Through my art, massaging, poetry and children’s books

Dancing off my hands.

Spinning an intricate web of purity, innocence, and joy.

Committed to releasing man’s toxic gases.

I willingly give of my heart and soul

To her warrior places.

My heart has found its true calling

I willingly offer myself

Working for heavenly peace.

The depth of my love is for your connection.

I hunger for it, not man’s connection.

Anne de Nada