Two Faces of Eternity

Melting snow, shining crystal facets

Skree valleys, jagged rocks, triangle spires

Worn mounds just above the tree line.

Snow ledges, deep, shallow and rounded.

Undaunted mountains piercing the skyline

With peaks, crevices, rock folds and crags.

Your strength, boldness and intimate exposure

Speak to the majesty, purity and beauty.

In stillness, solidarity and surrender

You are my heart’s Guru at Truin.

Sitting at your feet, feeling ant-like,

My heart expands farther than the eye can see.

Humbleness arises, opening the door to oneness.

Beneath clumps of grass, the melting snow glistens

On the small wet mud face.

Here all is bathed in Sun’s warmth and light.

Buzzing flies whiz by, landing now and then.

Valleys roll sharply, one behind the other;

Birds chirp their morning song,

While the crows feed, squawk and soar below.

Here one is renewed and reborn;

All is forgotten and forgiven.

As the yellow butterflies flit by,

Rhododendrons stand out against the greens.

The cool invigorating mountain air

Slowly warms as the Sun climbs high.

Shadows grow, offering shelter from the heat.

One feels the energy of eternity,

Knowing it to be untrue.

In this Himalayan wonderland.

Here hearts and spirits soar,

As we see a lone tree in the distant snow.

Recognizing the truth, we are never alone;

All is connected in the cycle of birth and death.


Anne de Nada