Fire Harp | A Story of Pain Release Through Forgiveness


Three black witches stole a pure innocent baby from her family when she was only a few months old. The witches wanted to perform a ceremony. They were the kind of witches who crossed over to the evil side and wanted to destroy purity and innocence.

One black night they headed deep into the woods and started a fire.  With only the trees and forest animals as their witness, they began to chant becoming wilder, crazier, and more abandoned as they progressed. 

Eventually, they placed the baby in the circle centre and started injecting poison into the baby more and more vigorously.  There was no one to rescue the baby girl.  All the animals cried out in horror for her suffering. The trees projected as much love energy as they could. The witches originally planned to kill the baby, but they lost their nerve, and instead, they ran away like cowards.

The little one was so close to death. The only thing that kept her alive was the animals surrounding her and comforting her. The next day, the animals directed a lonely woodsman to the tragic corner to a scene he could not believe. He quickly swept up the baby and raced her home to his wife.  They were childless and had always longed for children. They raised the little one and never shared with her the secret of her beginnings. 

She grew up to become a successful businesswoman, who could not really accept love or self-appreciation.  Inside of her, there was always something missing. Instead, there was this dark space.  It was as if she belonged to another planet.  She could not relax, nor had an energy reserve tank.

The Birds

One day, while doing energy healing work with herself, she felt the horrible throbbing pain inside her head. It was as if 6 witches had three poison arrows each, that were constantly been pounded into her head just as chaotic and rapid as if darts were thrown piercing her very core. 

Her pain was so intense, she called upon her friends to come to her aid.  She first asked the black crow to make himself small and dive inside her and pull out any black poisonous energy that was not of her true nature.  The crow was to wrap the dark energy with a fine mesh and toss it to a white stalk that would fly it over the centre of the nearest and deepest lake and drop it. 

The crow called upon his friends who had to help as the attacks of poisonous substance were continuing to throb in her head and it was impossible to bear.  Blackbirds came to the rescue. At times, there were up to 6 teams of birds on either side of her head diving in being replaced and flying off to recuperate.

The birds worked hard discovering all the deep and fine roots and then pulling them out and wrapping them in fine mesh and tossing them to the stalks for final delivery.  Stalks flew high above the lakes and sometimes they saw beautiful white swans standing by paying homage to the work they were doing.

The crows and blackbirds did not give up.  The depth of the poison was so deep the adult woman had to call upon the bats to come to her rescue because they could feel the vibration of energy and they were more than happy to assist.  Unfortunately, nothing was sufficient. 

Black-Colored Creatures

The woman felt there was something outside of her that was feeding this dark energy in, as fast as it was being removed.  She decided to place her life in the hands of the crocodiles and ask them to surround her as she floated on top of the water.  She wanted them to use their teeth and jaws to cut through any dark, black poisonous energy and protect her completely. 

At the same time, the crows, blackbirds, stalks, swans all continued to do their work.  She knew that only black animals understood the power of blackness as at times it resonated with evil. They all chose the colour black and treasured it because inside, they held pure white souls.  She called upon all black creatures, the jaguar, and the bear even the skunk to come to her aid. 

Unfortunately, her strength was fading fast.  The woman began to realize just how much poison, demonic evil energy had been changed into her as a baby. No one had ever explained why she felt angry or felt like she was always attacked or felt like attacking. 


It was all becoming so clear.  She needed desperate measures, so she decided to ask for forgiveness, but it did not work. It was conditional. “Stop the pain, and I will forgive all.” When she realized that she then tried forgiveness from the bottom of her heart and even that didn’t stop the pain.

She finally had no other choice but to totally surrender to her soul and she was prepared to die with her baby if there was no other way. She told her soul if it wanted her to become a light worker it was necessary to assist or to send her guidance because the pain was too much.

Before she totally gave up, she called her best friend and told her how she felt. How none of this was explained as a baby and she was able to forgive herself for her injustices in this world. 

Her friend was kind, understanding, and would do anything to help. The thing she needed most was for someone who likes her friend who also had been to this dark place or almost there, to sit and hold her pain with her until it was completely removed.

Together their two flaming hearts were able to release the final black poisonous energy and, in a flash, the universal energy of love and light entered their hearts, expanding their bodies, their life force, returning their creative juices, and teaching them how to maintain and understand the power of good over evil.

Anne de Nada