Dancing Spirits

Love of Life

Life is a gift

Innocent and pure we arrive

If innocent and pure, happily we depart

Having joyfully accomplished our lessons.


From Birth to death

We are passing through

Only our bodies are mortal

We are eternal possessing the spark of Divinity


Man alone chooses separation

Fear shrinks, stifles, keeps us powerless

It feeds our habit of self abandonment

Not our true nature.


Heart space of purity, love and expansion

Connects us to the truth of life

To our guides, angels, archangels, masters

Willingly support us in our Earthly school.


Passing over requires complete surrender

Akin to falling asleep each night

We meet our deceased loved ones

Review unconditionally our life's lessons.


We learn it is in the doing

Not in possessions, but in giving

Not in the expectations that we grow

We choose our life, we choose our death.


To reach our spiritual state

Involves journeying deeply

Where energy meets matter

Where creation and wisdom exist.


Our body, like our car, is our vehicle,

It is our soul and spirit that lives forever

We reach our Creator

Through knowledge, patience and trust.


We are to emotionally absorb our lessons

So clarity exists on many dimensions

Be assured in passing over

We rest in peace and harmony.


Uniting with our departed loved ones.


Anne de Nada