Incalculable power intoxicating Nature

As tiny miniscule light balls of energy

It never ceases, it never slacks

Infused, absorbed, immersed

Upon extended branches, leaves of

Autumn reds, orange, plum and yellow.

Sunlight spread in gullies

Over crest, floats on ponds

Glistens on dew drops

Working its magic

Weaving the forest floor.

Dawning of light

Its silence rests, in ravines,

Over rocks, lakes, marsh land, and ponds

Northern forest, silent in prayer

Bowed in awe, bathed in light.

The life force, of sunlight

Seen everywhere, stimulating growth

In trees, leaves, shoots, & flowers

Invigorating, energizing ferns, grasses, & moss

Other latitudes, it blinds, dazzles

Burns, scorches and destroys

Plains, grasses, flora and scrubs.

The dimming of light, turns

Day into night

Twilight reveals the struggle

Between, lightness and darkness at dusk

The golden, reds, yellows, oranges & pinks

Of sunsets, do not distinguish,

Discriminate, label or identify

As they alight, from one surface to another.

Sunlight is like a spider

Weaving her web

Where ever there is space

Filtrating, cracks, curbs & crevices

Cradling the void, as she spreads her mist.

The unenlightened in Nature

Where darkness lies, in the shadow of death

Knowingly wait their turn

For time and patience to bring

To LIFE: the power and wisdom of light.


Anne de Nada