Nature Minuscule and Gigantic

Twisted, contorted roots

            Strung across the foot path


            Solidly spread and grounded

            In between, fine, dried, soft pine needles.


            Baby spruce trees spreading

            Their wings

            Tall pine trees not so well.


            Background rumblings

            Virginia Falls higher than Niagara.


            Sun's magic spreading light,

            Warmth and sparkles.


            Lighting the fire in my heart

            Oh butterfly, butterfly

            How magnificent your home.


            Above the rock escarpment

            Lining the Nahanni gorge.


            Smashing, thrashing, tumbling

            Rumbling north to the Arctic.


            Roaring, chaotic, hustling & bustling

            Forming mist, flying high.


            Beneath my feet a dragon flies

            Flutters, sunning and resting on a leg.


            A triangle rock, rising up from

            The middle of the torrent.


            Carved through eons by water power

            Tunnelling, funnelling temple steps below.


            All around, rushing, gushing topsy

            Turvey water explosions.


            Shouting out, sounding high and low

            I am here, admire my magnificent force.


            A mist above the falls captures

            A mystical rainbow beauty.


            Amongst the trees, colourful mushrooms

            White, brown, orange and yellow.


            Red cranberries, shining through

            Pale, dark, lime green leaves.


            Yellow buttercups open wide

            Different textures, shapes and shadows.


            For all our astonishments

            These are my Heavenly Delights.


Anne de Nada