The Gift Of Colour

Have you ever looked at a certain colour, and feel something inside you change? Whether bad or good, colours have power over our mind, which influences our bodies and souls. Studies have shown that specific colours can trigger emotions and even influence us to do something.

You may be surprised to learn that, since our brains are pretty powerful, how could something so powerful be so easily influenced? That, my good friend, is called psychology.

Our brains react to what information is given through our senses. Today, we’ll focus on the sight sense, and how colour really is a beneficial gift that we can use to our advantage in our lives. Keep reading to learn more about the gift of colour. 

What is The Gift Of Colour?

Colour is everywhere. We find the most beautiful colours in nature, the sky, sunsets and sunrises, the ocean, the tropics, the deserts, rain forests, mountains, rivers, and rainbows. Even animals have the gift of colour, through patterns on their fur or feathers. The best part of it all? It’s totally free for our enjoyment. All you have to do is go outside and look around.

Colours feed the soul, stimulate the brain, and has plentiful benefits to overall wellbeing.  Everyone has a colour signature, which may or may not be a favorite colour or even a certain aesthetic that we are drawn to.  Yes, your colour signature can be a colour that you’re drawn to, but not necessarily one that you really like.

We replicate these colours in art, fabrics, wall hangings, carpets, foods, homes, and businesses.  Colours can also represent pieces of our personality and bring back memories. Whether, iridescent, soft, medium, or bright, they are the foods of the Gods and are here for our pleasure.

How Colours Affect The Mind and Body

We are indeed affected by colour whether consciously or unconsciously. Most importantly, colours can aid us with our ideas, expression, messages, interests, and feelings.

Art is a prime example. Even in monochromatic or abstract art, you can see what someone was feeling or trying to project into the artwork. The next time you look at a painting, truly examine all of the colours and the tones of the colours to fully understand the artwork.

Here are a few examples:

  • Red helps us ground ourselves in the present. 
  • Green assists us in healing and concentration. 
  • Yellow is the colour for success and happiness. 
  • Purple is the colour that represents spirituality.
  • Blue increases productivity in work and study.

The list goes on and on with how different colours can influence your mood. Even businesses use colours in their marketing to influence a certain feeling about their brand. A brand will use certain colours like red to gain your attention and then use another colour to influence you to buy something.

Healing With Colour

When it comes to healing, you can even leverage certain colours to help you in that journey as well. Colours guide us in the nonphysical world through our aura's.  Even inside of you, there are colours, which is why each chakra has a different representative colour.

Colour opens our hearts along the journey to expansion.  Colours can affect our bodily temperatures, cooling us with ice blue, absorbing our blacks bringing sun's heat, or calming us with medium blues.

Using colour can help us heal in ways we could never believe, and not just in mood-boosting. Don’t forget that using colour can be a major creative outlet, which stresses and can relieve some mental health triggers.  

Start The Healing Today With The Help of A Healer

Today, we’ve talked about the gift that colours bring us every day. If we are unaware of colour, then we are left susceptible to outward influences to our minds and souls. Take control of your self first to learn how to heal through colour, instead of being triggered by it.  Never forget that you are truly in control of what you do.

To truly learn how colour can help you heal, you will need to be retaught how the colours work. For healing, colours are not the same as they are in science, like physics. And, since no soul is the same, colours may affect you different than they do for your friends.

With my help, you can regain your authentic self through energy clearing. Once you’ve learned about the gift of colour, you will be able to spot the way it influences your brain, body, and soul. Contact me to start healing with colour today.

Anne de Nada