Lives in Nature’s unseen world

The earth’s underbelly

Like a mushroom is

Protected and delicate

All is hidden from light


The blacker the hole

The deeper the peace

The blacker the space

The safer the unknown


Mysteries, arising from light

Pale in comparison

To the magic of night

Where the twinkling of stars

Beam across the galaxy


Mother Nature spreads her blackness

Over rocks, under moss, in hollows,

Hidden branches, rotten trunks

Black shadows everywhere

Spread like eagles on her hair

Layers upon layers

Interact along edges, ledges

Wedges, drawing us into

The inner world


For some this is comfort

For others discomfort

Black burrows, tunnels, and funnels

Abound underneath her canopy

Black trunks stretch high

Piercing blue sky

Listen up, as a black & white

Woodpecker, pecks rhythmically


Deep in the blackness of space

Awaiting birth of light

Creation rests; slumbers and dreams

Guarding secrets of the universe.


Anne de Nada