Being All


Healing powers

Seek a healing

Not understanding

Ask a question?


What is it! healing?

How do it! healing?

Why do it! healing?

What is it, with this word?


In a flash, it arose

Like an axe

Splitting it in two

He…al,  he…al, he…al.


Healing is being the “al(l)”

Healing is creating the “al(l)”

Healing is loving the “al(l)”

Healing is accepting the “al(l)”


To he al is to hear

“He a ring” listening for a ring

Ringing sounds, in ears

Deep, mysterious and soft

Bringing hearts, soaring


Ears, hearts vibrating

All around in ambient spaces

Sounds, feelings and places

Communicating, all is One


Sound, movement and colour

Variations of energetic faces

Vibrant hearts, energy in motion

Mind, beginnings of creations


Miracles of healings,

When body, mind, hearts align

Releasing all resistance to pain

While “all” flows as One


Balancing “All” our bodies

Gliding and sliding, rising and diving

Through inner and outer spaces         

Man lives forever, Being “ALL”


Anne de Nada